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DS90UB926QSEVB: HSD Cable part number

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Part Number: DS90UB926QSEVB

Hi Team,

If I am looking to connect a 941AS EVM to a 926 EVM or 948 EVM, assuming each EVM has an HSD connector, what is the correct cable part number I should order? I should only need about 1 meter of cabling since this is just for testing purposes.

Also, it is possible to connect two EVMs to a single ALP GUI on one laptop, or would I need two separate laptops with two separate ALP GUIs running?



  • Hey Jared,

    I’ll send you information about the cable via email. Typically you have to order them as full assemblies from Rosenberger.

    For ALP, it can be connected to two EVMs at one. You just need to ensure that they are using different I2C addresses.

    Best Regards,