SN75DP159: SN75DP159: SCL_SNK, SDA_SNK, HPD_SNK pin ESD protection?

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Part Number: SN75DP159

Hi team,

as title, does SN75DP159 has ESD protection on these pin? SCL_SNK, SDA_SNK, HPD_SNK since these pin will be connected to the HDMI receptacle straightforward. If not, do we have to add external ESD protection?

please check on pin 28 32 33, I refer from SN75DP159 datasheet Figure 30.

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  • Oliver

    Please refer to section 7.2 for the DP159 ESD rating. The device specifies immunity to HBM and CDM ESD stresses, but not ESD stresses per IEC 61000-4-2. If a system required IEC ESD immunity, then, it should implement external protection. 



  • In reply to David (ASIC) Liu:

    Thank you David.

    Two questions

    1. If the HDMI signal is good enough, is that OK to pull down the I2C enable pin?

    2. If so, how the I2C SDA and CLK connection should be, pull up? pull down? or floating?


  • In reply to Oliver Lin:


    For the pin-strap mode, please pull I2C_EN low through a 65k resistor.

    I2C SDA and I2C CLK pulled up through 4.7k resistor.