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TUSB8020B-Q1: hardware disign

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Part Number: TUSB8020B-Q1


A TUSB8020B-Q1 is used in my mainboard, and the mainboard doesn't supply VBUS for external USB device. In this case ,how to use pin OVERCUR1z ,pin PWRCTL_POL/SS_DN1 and pin GANGED/SMBA2/HS_UP?

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  • Hi Gavin,

    OVERCURXz  pins should be connected to the VBUS power switch fault pin or can be pulled high to 3.3V . If the polarity of the PWRCTL is okay as active high, PWRCTL_POL can be left floating. If downstream port power should be controlled separately then GANGED needs a pull up resistor otherwise can be left unconnected. If the main board has no control over DFP Vbus then FULLPWRMGMT should be pulled up. 

    Note: Overcurrent reporting required for USB-IF Compliance.