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TCA9548AEVM: Does anyone have the TCA9548AEVM 2d dxf file or size ?

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Part Number: TCA9548AEVM

Hi all:

Does anyone have the TCA9548AEVM 2d data or this board size ?


We plan to put this demo kit into our system, but we need this board's size to evaluate able to put it in or not.

If someone have DXF will be great ! or only size will be fine!

  • Hey Ryan,

    Unfortunately I don't know where the original source files for that EVM is located. I'll order a sample EVM and measure the dimensional length and width for you though. (Doesn't look like I have any on hand either!)



  • In reply to BOBBY:

    Hi Bobby:

    If possible, please provide the height also (including connectors).

    Thank you ~~

  • In reply to ryan chang:

    Hey Ryan,

    Board just arrived.

    l x w =4.3cm x 5.1cm

    the female headers are about 0.9cm tall

    Board thickness is about 0.2cm

    The tallest connector is probably the male headers at around 0.9cm

    total height is therefore about 2cm

    Is there anything else you needed measurements on?



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    OH MY GOD ,thanks Bobby !

    It's really a big help for us.

    BTW, Are you able to get the 3D  file (dxf  or stp  or igs ) for us ?

    Cause we need to make sure the screw hole on it, and try to fix this on our product !

    Thanks again !

  • In reply to ryan chang:

    Hey Ryan,

    "BTW, Are you able to get the 3D  file (dxf  or stp  or igs ) for us ?"

    I tried to find the 3D file for you prior to ordering the board. I ended up spending over an hour going through our PCB archieves and still could not locate it. The EVM looks like it was made prior to our newer PCB filing system which makes it difficult to locate.

    The only other way I can think of locating it is finding the previous engineer who worked it on (if he is still working at TI). I can ask around and see what I find. No promises though.


  • In reply to BOBBY:

    So the EVM team helped me locate the files through a different archive system. I was able to locate the source file.


    Attached is the dxf export of the PCB.


  • In reply to BOBBY:

    Thanks Bobby! 

    Although, this file only have 2D view and obversely there is no screw hole for fixing.

    We will design a plastic mechanical to fix it on our product. 

    Thanks again :)