DS90UB949-Q1EVM: Data Island transport is not working

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Part Number: DS90UB949-Q1EVM


I have a question about I2S output of DS90UB948 almost same phenomena as previous person..

We are using DS90UB949-Q1EVM and DS90UB948-Q1EVM.

We want to transmit the HDMI audio of DS90UB949 to I2S of DS90UB948.
(Using the GPIO6_REG, GPIO7_REG, and GPIO8_REG pins)

We confirmed that I2S_CLK is transferred to DESER, but no I2S_WC and I2S_DA on Data Island transport mode. (949 Add:0x12 , data 0x00)

We can confirmed correct I2S signal on only Data Forward Channel Frame transport mode. (949 Add:0x12 , data 0x02)

We also want to use GPIO1 for remote GPIO output mode. (948 Add:0x1E , data 0x05)

GPIO1 output the correct remote GPIO signal on Data Island transport mode.

But, GPIO1 output the WC signal not GPIO on the Data Forward Channel Frame transport mode.

Please advice for the correct registor setting for our I2S and GPIO1 function.


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