DP83867IS: PHY with 1588 support

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Part Number: DP83867IS

Hello team,

my customers design currently using 2 DP83867ISRGZ PHY’s in their design.  I know that it has some support for IEEE 1588.  Do we offer other PHY’s with more 1588 support?  They need to have one PHY use RGMII and the other use SGMII.

Also, they were planning on using the following magnetics with the phy:




However, the case is too big and they are now going to try and combine two RJ45 connectors into 1.  The part they'd like to use is:




Their question is:


                Will the TE magnetics work with this phy?  The transformer topology is different from the first choice and I wasn’t sure what is actually required.



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  • Hi,

    1. On Gigabit ethernet , we only support SFD and not complete 1588 stack. 100M bit DP83630/640 supports complete 1588.

    2. The magentics shared is not good for DP83867. It needs center tap on PHY side to be decapped and then shorted. The TE Magentics shorting them directly w/o decaps.