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HD3SS3220: USB2.0 bus in USB-C - Using Dual Role and Opposite Direction

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Part Number: HD3SS3220


I'm using HD3SS3220 and TS5USBC412 in a project.

I want to use one USB-C port as third functions.

Console & OTG & Host (opposite direction). These are different ports.

An idea is that;

Role of USB-C will be set by the type of connected device.

HD3SS3220 is in DRP mode and provides a proper USB2.0 direction path by CC pins on usb-c connector. Right?

When a laptop or PC connected to usb-c, HD3SS can sense it and will be set as UFP own.

When a peripheral (like a usb flash disk), will be set as DFP own.

There is a bidirectional USB2.0 mux (TS3USB221) at the output of port controller.

USB power provider will be supported by ideal diode ICs against power conflict.

Seems work in principle. Agree?