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Part Number: ONET1130EC

Where is the ONET1130EC GUI located?

  • In reply to Sriharsha Kota Pavan:

    Hi Sri,
    Thank you for the TOSA information.
    The laser we are driving is quite different and maybe you can help me with the setup.
    I am driving a 400ma 30ns pulse every 30us. In addition, the diode is being biased with 50ma before the pulse. Also, I think the 400ma pulse can have 30ps or faster rise time.
    Will the ONET1131EC EVM work? If not, can you help me with another product?
    -Scott Jennney
  • I need some help with the GUI interface. The chip does not seem to respond to my commands.
    Is there an users interface guide for the ONET1130EC GUI?
    I would like to access the chip and the steps outlined in the "ONET1131EC EVM Users Guide" do not go into any detail.
    -Scott Jenney
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    Hi Scott,

    Are you getting any error message when trying to talk to the EVM using the GUI? Please send us the screenshot of the error in that case.

    Did you make sure to power on the EVM board before launching the GUI? Also, how much supply current does the chip draw? Do you see any output that resembles the data input?

    The steps given in the ONET1131EC EVM user's guide should be sufficient to use the EVM with the GUI.

  • Hi Sri,
    Thank you for the help.
    I do not get any errors, the GUI modulation works but I do not get any response from the bias. I am using the ONET1131 EVM board, set the bias to open loop, enable bias and drive the bias output. The diode is connected from the bias from the chip to ground. I tried a resistor and still had no drive.
    -Scott Jenney
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    Hi Scott,

    I guess you're using the electrical EVM, correct? Are you able to see any output from the MOD outputs (MOD+/-) at least? 

    Also, please check the I_bias_monitor from the ADC option in the EVM GUI core configuration page, and see if you're reading a meaningful value in the corresponding register output.

    If you don't read a non-zero, meaningful value, you may want to replace the ONET1130EC sample and try.



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    I just ordered two ONET1131 EC Evaluation Modules, one from Mouser, and one from Arrow. Both boxes are missing the CD that hosts the GUI software. How can I get this software?


  • In reply to Nicholas Wood74:

    Hi Nicholas,

    Sorry to hear that you did not receive the software CD along with your EVM kit. Can you please email us at onet1130ex_evm@list.ti.com with your full details (company name, address, contact details and date of your orders etc.,)? We will contact your local sales representative and arrange for the software right away.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience, and thank you for your interest in TI devices. We look forward to providing you with the best support.