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ONET4211LD: Can I use Laser diode (common PD anode - LD cathode) ?

Part Number: ONET4211LD


Can I use Laser diode (common PD anode - LD cathode) with Onet4211LD laser driver ?

In data sheet I just found Laser Diode (common LD anode - PD cathode) type schematic design.

If I can, I want to schematic design with Laser Diode  (common PD anode - LD cathode).


  • Hi SAM,

    Thank you for your interest in our ONET devices, and please accept our apologies for the delayed response to your query.

    As specified in the Terminal functions table of the Datasheet of ONET4211LD, the MOD output terminals are designed to be connected to the Laser diode cathode, while the PD input is designed to draw current from the PD anode side of the TOSA. So it will only work in common LD anode-PD cathode configuration.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.