DP83620 : Problem with IP address setting when in 100Base-FX mode

Dear TI Community,

When I use DP83620 in 100Base-FX mode I have trouble seeing an IP address at the CPU on the MII side of the PHY.

When I operate in 10/100BaseTx my CPU gets its IP address from the DHCP server without a problem and I can use a consul window to see the IP address. If I boot up the same PHY in 100BaseFX ie fiber mode then I can't see the IP address. The physical layer is fully functional. I can see from the far end that the link is up and operating on the fiber but it does not report an IP address ???

Is there some setting in the MII interface to the CPU that need to change when I switch from TX to FX mode? I'm using the boot-strap options for FX ENABLE. Is there any additional setting that I need to use?

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  • Hey Michael,

    I have to apologize for they delay in someone getting to you. It seems the owner of this forum didn't assign this to anyone and fell through the cracks. I am part of the voltage translator team here at TI and just stumbled across this thread since it was open still but have a fair amount of experience in Ethernet PHYs and Oprtical Systems.

    With that out of the way, are you able to send me a schematic of your circuit block if you still need aid in with this part. I would like to look at the strapping configuration that you have set up.

    Best Regards,