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ONET1151L: USB3.1 Optical

Part Number: ONET1151L

We try to convert USB 3.1 to optical communication.(application: 'USB 3.1 Active Optical Cable')

Can I use 'Laser driver(ONET11xx series)' to convert usb3.1 to optical?

Is it possible to configure it as follows?

USB Host --<Laser Driver -- TOSA -- Fiber optic -- ROSA -- Limiting Amp.>-- USB Device

Do you have any advice/command or device to suggest?



  • Hi Hyojun,

    Thank you for your interest in our ONET devices.

    All our laser drivers and post amplifier devices take in continuous mode high-speed signal on the input. They are blind to the signaling protocol requirements, hence do not support USB3.0 as such. This should be done external to our ONET devices, for instance a USB3.0 redriver inserted between USB Host and Laser driver, and also between Limiting amplifier and USB device.

    Hope this helps, please let me know in case of further questions.