ONET1130EP: USB3.0 to optical fiber and vice verse

Part Number: ONET1130EP

I am in the process of a project. I need convert USB3.0 signal to optical fiber data transfer and convert it back to USB3.0 at the device side.  I try to evaluate it but I didn't find a demo board for this IC on TI website. Is there third party demo board available? Thanks in advance

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    Thank you for your interest in our optical communications devices.

    The ONET1130EP is a Transceiver device which contains EML Laser driver on the transmit side and a Limiting amplifier on the receive end. The device takes in continuous mode high-speed signal on its transmit input and outputs Bias current, Modulation voltage output for the EML-based TOSA (Transmit optical sub-assembly). It does not support USB3.0 standard signalling requirements as such- that should be done external to this device.

    Please note that the device is electrical-in and electrical-out on both transmit and receive sides. In the implementation, this device should be followed by the optics (EML Laser on transmit side and Photodiode+TIA on the receive side) for interfacing the signal to the fiber channel. 

    If you're interested to order an evaluation board, please use the link provided under "Special note" in the web page:

    Hope this helps, please let me know in case of further questions.




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