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Recommendations for an Optical transceiver

Hello Team,

Firstly let me know if this is the correct forum for this request.

I have a customer who is looking for a TI solution using optical transceivers/ SerDes. His request is as below :

" I need a fiber optic transceiver that receives about 40 pairs low rate of parallel digital data (copper lines) and sterilized it into two fiber optic lines (one prime and one for redundancy) and goes through 1000 ft of distance and then another box to deserialize them. I need to whole solution - most likely this box will be used during ground testing and not in space. "

I forwarded them a few reference designs like the TIDFA-00417 but I believe that is not what they are looking for. 

Are you'll aware of any TI solution that may help this customer ?

Thank you for your time.


  • Hi Kishen,

    Can you please ask the customer to provide some more details on the application? Looks like they are looking for a gearbox followed by an optical transceiver. What data rates are the low speed parallel lines at? And what speed do they want the fiber optic lines to run at?

    We do have optical transceiver solutions at 10Gbit/s and we also offer optical drivers, TIAs and limiting amplifiers from 4Gbit/s to 50Gbit/s per line. But we do not do optical devices as such (lasers or photo diodes). If we can get a system block representation of their intended application, along with signaling requirements (modulation type, reach and optical devices being considered etc.,), we can recommend suitable solutions.