Hello sir,

I have an HDMI o/p ,i need to convert it into LVDS so that i can drive the lcd panel of

Resolution -1280*800.

Referesh rate - 60hz.

HDMI clock - 3.5mhz

can you help me out to resolve my problem.

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  • Greetings -

    There are a number of application variables that might determine or change on what this can be done.  For example is the HDMI carrying HDCP protected content?  What is the color depth and also the clocking details above seem odd as stated.  I also assume you are converting the "display" or pixels part of HDMI to LVDS for the LCD.

    Lets calculate PCLK first, 1280 X 800 X 60fps X 1.1 (10% blanking) imples a PCLK clock closer to 67MHz  (not 3.5mhz or even MHz)

    A possible solution is to use a TFP401 for DVI(PanelBus) DES to convert the HDMI/DVI lines to parallel RGB, then use a FPD-Link / FlatLink to go from RGB to the LVDS format.  The DS90C385A will take 24bpp RGB to the common 4D+C LVDS interface that most panels like. 

    Reveiw your LCD panels color mapping to make sure the bits are mapped to the right locations, and a small clock cleaner might be handy on the PCLK between the DES and SER if the recovered clock is jittery as when cascading serialized links, jitter can accumlate.  If HDCP is required for high res protected content, a full HDMI DES with HDCP is likely needed instead.  Exposed connectros for those applications have different requriments for content protection.

    John Goldie



  • Hi Rajath, please refer to this thread, which involves your same situation of converting HDMI to LVDS for 1280x800: http://e2e.ti.com/support/interface/high_speed_interface/f/138/t/146119.aspx#528836

    And you may find this app note useful:  http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slla325/slla325.pdf


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    Hi all:

            How solution can convert LVDS to HDMI?

           Which TI's  partnumber can VS. CH7036?


           Thanks a lot!

  • In reply to jack jiang:

    For LVDS-to-HDMI, TI has a 2-chip solution involving an LVDS receiver and a DVI transmitter.  What is your resolution, and how many LVDS data lanes do you have?

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    Hi Rosse:


              There are six LVDS channel input!


            There are demand HDMI output with sound. And  sound input from I2S.

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    Unfortunately TI doesn't have any HDMI transmitters (serializers) that comprehend audio, since they are fundamentally DVI transmitters for video-only TMDS.