The distance between host and display by using TFP410


Is it posible to have 5 meter to transmit the data between DVI connector(host) and DVI monitor(display) by using TFP410 driver?

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  • Yes, it's possible.  We have tested the TFP410 with a 5m cable at 165MHz.  But there are several factors that could be different: the quality of your cable, the sensitivity of the DVI receiver, and TFP410-to-TFP410 process variation.

    The frequency (resolution) you're using has the most significant impact on max cable length.

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    If you are concerned about driving long cable lengths, you could consider using a DS34RT5110 in addition to the TFP410. It has input equalization and output de-emphasis in addition to the retimer function. This allows the DS34RT5110 to be placed near the source, in the middle of the link or at the sink.

    Adding the DS34RT5110 to the TFP410 should give you more flexibility in terms of cable lengths and cable quality that you system can tolerate.

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    Great point, Mike.  Thanks.