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TFP410: TFP410 DVDD current consumption

Part Number: TFP410

Hello team,

My customer would like to know the current consumption of DVDD in TFP410.

They checked current of DVDD, TVDD and PVDD of TFP410 in 3.3V output swing and 1.8V output swing cases. (Off course, the customer changed VREF Voltage to DVDD in 3.3V swing  or 0.9V  in 1.8V swing) The customer get the result as below.

DVDD current consumption
 16mA in 3.3V swing
 35mA in 1.8V swing
TVDD and PVDD ware not changed by output swing level.

Is this result correct behavior of TFP410? The customer is concerned with their mistaking their schematics around TFP410.

Note the customer condition
  BUS WIDTH: 24bit
  LATCH MODE: Single-edge
  CLOCK MODE: Single-ended
  CLOCK EDGE: failing edge
  Vref: 3.3V or 0.9V

Your help would be so appreciated.

Best Regards,
Akihisa Tamazaki