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DS90UB925Q-Q1: Daisy Chain FPD III Link Stream

Part Number: DS90UB925Q-Q1

I have a product using FPD link III using the SerDer pair (DS90UB925Q/DS90UB926Q) streaming a video stream to multiple display devices (currently 8 screens). I want to be able to send different stream to each display device by multiplexing the stream (TDM).

I have some questions regarding this pair:

  1. Is it possible to daisy chain the FPD stream without adding a repeater node? I can't find any info regarding daisy chain in the datasheet.
  2. In case we can daisy chain:
    1. Is there a way to select which deserialzer is intended e.g. via the deserializer ID?
    2. What is the number of allowed chaining levels?
  3. In case it is not possible to daisy chain or there is a limitation on the number of levels of chaining, can you advice how to achieve such configuration?