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DS90UB914A-Q1: Register writing procedure when changing MODE / OSS with register

Part Number: DS90UB914A-Q1

Hi team,

I have a question.

Can I change the MODE or OEN in the register, write the setting bits such as MODE_10-bit mode  OEN_select at the same time with the override bit?

Register 0x1F has bits that allow these override settings and select bit that actually sets.

For example, if OEN is enabled, if 0x0C is written to register 0x1F, will OEN be valid?

I want to know whether the setting will be reflected even if setting bit and override bit are written at the same time.

Similarly, for BIST of register 0x24, can I write bit3 BIST Pin Configuration and bit0 BIST Enable at the same time?

Best regards,

Tomoaki Yoshida