SN65LV1224BDBR versus DS92LV1224TMSA


I am trying to determine if the SN65LV1224BDBR is a complete drop in replacement for the DS92LV1224TMSA. I want to leave the serializer unchanged.

Ideally I would like to keep the serializer as part number DS92LV1023TMSA and use deserializer SN65LV1224BDB. Please verify that these devices are compatible at the line interface, as well as the pinout and package. Thanks and Best Regards,

-Tim Starr on behalf of RS@BA

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  • Greetings -

    The DS92LVxxxx parts historically were from National Semiconductor which is now part of TI.  The two devices you noted are indeed pin compatible and are the same function.  Both are in full production and BOTH are available.  There are some small differences to be aware of since both have different implementations and manufacturing flows.  In general a detailed datasheet comparison should be done to ensure compatibility with your down stream device also.  Please also note:

    Both are 10-bit DES devices, 3.3V, -40/85C, 28-SSOP, and support atleast 30-66MHz clock rates.

    DS92LV1224 supports a very wide REF clock tolerance of +/-5%. SN65LV1224B specs +/-100ppm tolerance.

    SN65LV1224B supports a lower FREQ range to 10MHz.

    Minor mechanical difference on the package drawing, but both are indeed 28-SSOP package.

    To answer your question, if the REF clock is within +/-100ppm, they should be fully compatible.  Other Customers have inter-mixed them.

    John Goldie

    DPS APPS / SVA /