SN65LV1023A/SN65LV1224B EVM availability

hello:  I have a customer who would like an SN65LV1023A/SN65LV1224B EVM, but he said that someone told him that this was canceled.  Can someone plese tell us the schedule on this?  Thanks  EAU is 1k/yr x2 devices. 

regards, George Biner, Arrow LA

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  • George,

    The EVM for the SN65LV1023A/SN65LV1224B is available just not released. Please fill out the request form at: and we will contact you.


    Atul Patel

    Texas Instruments

    Atul Patel

  • In reply to Atul Patel:

    Hello Atul,

    We are 3 years after this post was published. I went to this link, asked for an evaluation module and no one ever returned to me.

    After a week I filled in the form again and no one ever returned to me.

    DO you really have this EVM card? If yes, how can I get one?