DS34RT5110 PCB


    I would like to ask if swapping pins would cause problems. Example configuration: in all input pairs (clock, data) + switched with -, on output too + switched with -, logically transparent. What are other possibilities can I, for example, switch pins for clock (output and input, 180 deg clock phase shift in respect to input data lines)  ? It would be helpful to have such a information for PCB routing (ex. DVI application).  Datasheet does not give too much internals on this issues.

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  • Hi Michael,

    It is preferable to keep the polarity as shown in the pin definition. The device behaves as non-inverting buffer. If you really need to do polarity swap (+ and - swap) for certain board layout needs, the swap should be done on both the inputs and outputs, which will preserve the non-inverting property.

    TK Chin