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SN75LVCP601: Question about Equalizer characteristics

Part Number: SN75LVCP601


My customer has a question about input equalizer characteristics of SN75LVCP601.
I do not have an evaluation board and measurement environment.
Please answer the question from me.

Data sheet of SN76LVCP601 Conditions in Figure 11 and Figure 12 on page 12:
  Case 1 at 6 Gbps
  EQ = 14 dB
  DE = –2 dB
  TP2 Eye Amplitude 240mV (Figure 11. Test Point 2)
  TP3 Eye Amplitude 788.8mV (Figure 12. Test Point 3)

Question :
When the above conditions is changed to EQ = 0dB and DE = 0dB, How is the voltage value at TP3?
I believe that the same voltage as the 240mV of TP2 will be outputted in my expectation.

Best Regards,
Hiroaki Masumoto