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DS90UB954-Q1: Deserailizer board with QSH-030-01-L-D-A connector / Interface board with QSH-030-01-L-D-A

Part Number: DS90UB954-Q1

Hello ,

              We are trying to interface DS90UB954 Deserializer with R-car H3. The problem we are facing is that Renesas board has QSH-030-01-L-D-A connector on its module. So what we find difficult is to interface this Deser with Renesas. So we are looking for either an Deserializer board which has QSH-030-01-L-D-A connector , or an interface board(Daughter card) which has  QSH-030-01-L-D-A connector  and DS90UB954 presenrt in it. So any solution might be better to conclude . Is there a possibility to find a Deserailizer board directly which will have QSH-030-01-L-D-A connector , so that it will be compatible with R car H3 . If not ,  at least any daughter board that has support for this Deserailizer which has the same connector , so that it can be connected to H3 board


Aravind S