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DS90UB914A-Q1: General Status Register (0x1C)

Part Number: DS90UB914A-Q1

[ DS90UB914A-Q1 ] General Status Register (0x1C)


Can you please help me to clarify the function of general status bits (0x1C) of DS90UB914A-Q1?

We have three indicators such as Parity Error[2], Signal Detect[1] and Lock[0]. Do these detect the failure independently?

If we assume the scenario of camera cable disconnect, "0: Serial input not detected", "0: De-Serializer not locked" and "1: "Parity Error detected" are reported at the almost same time, because we don't have valid input data. Correct?

Do you have any information that how these status bits behave if failure (such as cable disconnect) happen during Lock time (tDDLT)?