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DS90LV012A: DS90LV012ATMF used as clock buffer.

Part Number: DS90LV012A


  I am using DS90LV012ATMF as a clock buffer at 50MHz. I would like to use it to drive a 50R input. Is the driver capable of operating at such load without MTBF degradation? I cannot prove its suitability from the datasheet information, since it does not mention anything regarding drive strength (mentions only sink 100mA).

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Lefteris Loghis

  • Hi,
    The DS90LV012 will drive a 50 ohm load to GND without any degradation. The output VOH level will not reach the normal output amplitude due to the increased current demand. To get a better understanding of the output waveform under this loading I would suggest using the IBIS model to run a quick simulation.

  • Hello,

    Can you please clarify your question? The DS90LV012A is an LVDS receiver, not a driver. Generally, however, an LVDS driver such as DS90LV011A drives 3.5mA into the 100 ohm termination (load) to produce 350mV across the termination, and if you have a 50 ohm termination, it won't hurt the LVDS driver, however, the voltage across the 50 ohm termination would be 1/2 what it should be (175 mV).