TCA6408A: Shutdown(stopped SDA/SLA) during writing to TCA6408A on I2C.

Part Number: TCA6408A



Regarding to recovery on TCA6408A, my customer is asking some question.

They use power on reset for device reset. (RESET pin is connected to Vcci.)


When host is shutdown(SDA/SLA is stopped.) during writing to TCA6408A on I2C,


(1) Will TCA6408A be hung-up on above condition?

(2) If so, they think that it can use the RESET pin (hardware) to recovery from hung-up.

As other solution, can it use I2C control (software) from host for recovery?

(3)About power sequence for power on reset

a) Keeping to input Vcci.

b) Vccp : ON -> OFF -> ON

Is above sequence correct for power on reset ?


They confirmed that after recovery from WDT(watched dog timer) in host(CPU) ,

TCA6408A is no response.




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  • Hello Tao,
    1) I don't think it should hang up under that condition.
    2) The part doesn't support a I2C reset via command.  Reset is either accomplished via nRESET pin or power cycle of Vccp.
    3) You can for a reset by turning off Vccp and then turning it back on. Yes, you can keep Vcci on while performing reset..
    -Francis Houde