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PCA9536: Is PCA9536 will works on Vdd 2.8 volts to read the address when it is act as a slave

Part Number: PCA9536

hello,I am new in I2c protocol . I am using PCA9536 i2c expander as a slave in my project. My goal is to  read the slave address( i.e.,0x41) .I was tested with arduino board it works well. But i am tested with nrf52 dk it does not works.The Vdd voltage in arduino board is 3.5 volts & nrf52 dk is 2.85volts.So can any one please confirm that is PCA9536 will work on even in vdd - 2.8 volts.

  • Hello Pavan,

    The PCA9536 can operate down to 2.3V. 

    Do you have schematics of the two different designs?  Also, it is always useful to look at the waveforms for SDA and SCL. 

    -Francis Houde