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PCA9515B: VOH Specification

Part Number: PCA9515B


            On datasheet, it has VOL specification as below but no VOH Specification. What is VOH specification of PCA9515B? Thank you.  



  • Hi Patrick,

    I2C is an open-drain interface, which means that devices drive a low level but high levels are undriven (and pulled up externally via resistors). So, the high-level output voltage will depend on the pull-up voltage that is used. It will be very close to the pull-up voltage, but there may be some small voltage drop across the pull-up resistor due to leakage currents. (The input current to PCA9515B in the high state is only about 1 uA, though.)

  • Hey Patrick,

    There is no such thing as VoH in I2C because the transceivers are not capable of driving a signal high. The high signal comes from the pull up resistor and NOT the transceiver.