PCA9515 abnormal signal

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Our customer  used PCA9515, but the datapin sometimes add extra one high signal. Could you help the case?

The circuit and wave form as attached.

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  • The PCA requires that the input low voltage level of the connected I²C devices is lower than its own output low level (see VIL, VILc, and VOL − VILc in sections 6.3 and 6.4 of the datasheet, and section 9.1.2).

    On the 5V SDA waveform (2), one can clearly see the difference. But there is no such step on the 3.3 V SDA waveform (3). What is the output low voltage level of the master?

    If that is indeed the problem, increasing the pullup resistors on the 3.3 V side (and reducing the frequency) should help.

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    Hello Clemens,

    Thanks for the helping with the forum!  


    I agree that it might be the pull up resistors.  I didn't see the pull up resistor values for the 3.3V side, are they on another page?  The signals looks like they have week pull up resistors and you need to increase the strength (lower resistance).  Is this a large board with long traces or does it have a harness or back plane connections?  All this needs to be considered when selecting the correct pull up resistor.  

    link to pullup resistor calculation for I2C bus:


    Francis Houde

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    Dear Team:

    I got the wavefrom detail.

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    Hello Thomas,
    Did they try strengthening the pull ups (reduce resistance)? Did that work?

    Can we also see all the information before and after the device; SDA0, SCL0, SDA1, and SCL1?
    -Francis Houde