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PCA9306: About using on the same power supply

Part Number: PCA9306

I have a question with notation PCA 9306.

Although it is stated that two power sources (VREF 1, VREF 2) need a potential difference on the data sheet, can it be used with the same power supply?
As an objective I would like to EN control and disconnect the bus.

For example, is it possible to connect a diode or the like to the VREF 1 side to generate a potential difference and use it?

Thank you.

  • Dear Forum Member,

    Our parts are characterized with the voltages at different levels because this part was specifically designed to do I2C translation/level shifting, but that doesn't mean it will not work with both voltages at the same level.  The datasheet shows how to connect the device to be able to disconnect the bus, see below:

    Make sure you have the 200k resistor in series with the Vref2 and EN connections.

    -Francis Houde