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TCA9546A: Solutions with smaller size

Part Number: TCA9546A

Hi there,

My customer is now using TCA9546A in one of their projects. However, they're complaining that the size is too big.

Since they only need two channels, I found TCA9543A as an alternative but found that it's of the same size of TCA9546A.

Do we have any other solution that has smaller size?

Thank you!

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Roy Hsu

  • Hey Roy,

    Unfortunately, the TCA9546A is the only two channel switch we have (5mmx4.40mm=22.0mm^2)....

    An alternative solution could be to utilize a voltage level translator with enable pins where at most, only one enable can be on at at time (in the case of an address conflict). If you think this approach could work, you could try PCA9306 which has an X2SON package of 1.4mmx1.00mm=1.4mm^2. Two puts you at 2.8mm^2 which saves you 7.86 times the surface area though you will still need to account for passives. The cost of buying two these at 1k unit pricing is about the same as one TCA9543A.