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TCA6408: The parameters of TCA6408A

Part Number: TCA6408

Dear Team,

Could you help to provide below information of TCA6408A? Thank you.


Max Junc.Temp(Tj)


Θjc or Ψjt 







  • Hey Jim,

    Theta-jc is 62.3 C/W

    Psi-Jt is 2.5 C/W

    Pd(max) can be estimated by using the absolute max for Vcc and Icc which comes out to be 1.3W but keep in mind this value is worst case scenario.

    Max junction temperature is a little trickier to get a hold of........ if the device is not powered then the device can take about 150C. If the device is powered on, I suspect the device would still work at 150C but would be outside the recommended range which means likely won't meet datasheet specs and the FIT (Failure in Time) rate will be affected.