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ds26Lv31t: Combination of RS-422 Driver and Receiver

Part Number: ds26Lv31t

Dear Sirs,

My customer asked us about  combination of RS-422 Driver and Receiver.

They are using to combine as below.

1.DS26LV31T and DS26C32AT

2.DS26LV32AT and DS26C31T

 I checked datasheet .

DS26LVxx is 3.3V operation.

DS26Cxx is 5V operation.

Also there is description of Interoperable with Existing 5V RS-422 Networks.

So I think that there is no problem as the operation with the above combination.
Is this correct?

Please also let me know your attention points if possible.

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  • Hello Hasebe-san,

    Yes, it is OK to mix devices powered by 5 V and powered by 3.3 V on a shared network. The important thing is that all devices conform to the given standard, in this case RS-422. The devices you have mentioned above will communicate with one another without issue.

  • In reply to Max Robertson:

    Hello Max-san,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    And I'm sorry for my rate reply.

    I understand your comments .

    I will answer to my customer.

    Best Regards,