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SN65HVD3088E: In case of keeping "Short-circuit output current"

Part Number: SN65HVD3088E

Hi all

Would you mind if we ask SN65HVD3088E?

SN65HVD3088E has thermal shutdown function.
How much is the Tj temparature which starts to operate thermal shutdown function? Approx Tj=175?
We could not find it on the datasheet.

If the device keep flowing "Short-circuit output current"(250mA) in case of short, does the device stop operating by thermal shutdown function?
Is our recognition correct?

Kind regards,

Hirotaka Matsumoto

  • Hello Matsumoto-san,

    The nominal thermal shutdown temperature is 165 C (see section 8.3 of the datasheet for this value).

    Yes, the device is likely to heat up enough to trigger thermal shutdown if it is continually sourcing 250 mA into a short circuit. This will depend on the shorting voltage and the ambient temperature in which the device is operating, though (at the lower end of the range, the amount of heating may not be enough to trigger shutdown).

  • In reply to Max Robertson:

    Max san

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply!
    OK we got.

    Just in case, could you let us know one point.
    The nominal thermal shutdown temperature is 165C(typ).
    So, how much is the maximum thermal shutdown temperature?
    It may be over TJ=170C(Absolute maximum ratings)?

    Kind regards,

    Hirotaka Matsumoto

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    Yes, it is possible for the thermal shutdown temperature to reach or exceed 170 C. We do not have full characterization data on this specific parameter, but based on the design we would expect about 10 C in potential variation above and below the nominal value.