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UCC5320: Could you tell me about UCC5320S's "Peak source current" when Ta=85℃?

Part Number: UCC5320

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Can you tell me because got a other perspective question?


From the description in the data sheet, "IOH (Peak source current): 2.4 A @ MIN (Ta =125℃)" will be, but will you tell me the value of IOH (Peak source current) at Ta=85℃ ?

※I want to know how much the worst of the driving current decreases due to individual variation and temperature dependence of the internal circuit.

(Among them, the temperature condition the customer is considering is 85℃.)

· The customer is examining UCC5320S and UCC5350S in parallel considering to the value of IOH.

· The price difference between UCC5320S and UCC5350S is large, I would like to consider with UCC5320S if possible.

· Customers are unable to teach me the device model number of the IGBT, so we want to judge whether the customer can use it based on the WORST condition of this driving current.

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