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SN65LBC173: Failure of RS-422 receiver

Part Number: SN65LBC173

I am using SN65LBC173 in my design to receive data from RS-422 transmitter which is placed about 2m apart. In our connection, grounds of both transmitter and receiver are also connected.

During the testing it was observed that RS-422 receiver stopped working. Can you suggest us the probable reasons why SN65LBC173 can fail suddenly while in operation.


S K Sinha

  • Hello S.K.,

    When the devices stop working, do they appear to be permanently damaged? Or, can the system resume normal operation after some time, after being power cycled, etc.?

    If the units are damaged, most of the time it is due to electrical overstress - e.g., short-circuits to voltages outside the rated absolute maximum ranges, transient overvoltage stresses like electrostatic discharge (ESD) events, etc. Is it possible something like this occurs in the system? Or, are there any other operational conditions that seems to correlate to the failure (such as a temperature extreme, mechanical stresses/vibration, etc.)?