TLK10232: TLK10232

Part Number: TLK10232

When I use PRBS at TLK10232, do I need set PRBSEN pin to high? Or, I just set reg:0x0b tx, rx and patten.

when I send pattern through DS125DF1610 cross back to TLK10232. reg:F will sometime show 0x1963 and show error. When I send to tester, it is OK.

when tester send cipri and detect 8b/10b. error free. When I use optical bert with patter, it always show 0x1963 and error? 

It seem not physical error, could you help on this?


when I use pattern 2^7 -1, the pattern can sync and error free. 2^23-1 and 2^31-1 loopback through ds125df1610 will fail. My design SFP --> ds125df1610 --> tlk10232

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