• Resolved

FPC402EVM: Downstream I2C access is not acknowledged by FPC402

Part Number: FPC402EVM

We are using FPC402EVM. We are accessing the FPC402 via external host and are able to communicate with FPC402 via default address 0x1E. We are able to control the GPIOs and the other I/Os of the FPC402 (like turn ON LED etc)
We have only one FPC402 at address 0x1E. So as per table 6 in datasheet, the address for down stream I2C port0 is 0xF0.
We issue a read access to device 0xF0 after necessary init of the GPIOs and I/Os (enable VCC to the QSFP/SFP module), De activate the RESET_L to the module etc.
We have verified that the power to the modules are good. The modules are out of reset etc.
Is there any reason why the ACK is not received at the host for access to 0xF0 ? As mentioned earlier, there is only one FPC and it is working with default address 0x1E. Register values at the FPC402 are dumped below.

Value@0x00: 0xf 

Value@0x01: 0x3f 

Value@0x02: 0x0 

Value@0x03: 0x11 

Value@0x04: 0x6 

Value@0x05: 0x1c 

Value@0x06: 0xb0 

Value@0x07: 0xf8 

Value@0x08: 0xff 

Value@0x09: 0xff 

Value@0x0a: 0xff 

Value@0x0b: 0xff 

Value@0x0c: 0x0 

Value@0x0d: 0x0 

Value@0x0e: 0x1 

Value@0x0f: 0xef 

Value@0x10: 0x11 

Value@0x11: 0x98 

Value@0x12: 0x98 

Value@0x13: 0x4 

Value@0x14: 0x0 

Value@0x15: 0x0 

Value@0x16: 0x0 

Value@0x17: 0x0 

Value@0x18: 0x0 

Value@0x19: 0x0 

Value@0x1a: 0x30 

Value@0x1b: 0x0 

Value@0x1c: 0x0 

Value@0x1d: 0x0 

Value@0x1e: 0x0 

Value@0x1f: 0x0 

Value@0x20: 0x0 

Value@0x21: 0x80 

Value@0x22: 0x0 

Value@0x23: 0x0 

Value@0x24: 0x0 

Value@0x25: 0x0 

Value@0x26: 0x0 

Value@0x27: 0x0 

Value@0x28: 0x0 

Value@0x29: 0x0 

Value@0x2a: 0x0 

Value@0x2b: 0x0 

Value@0x2c: 0x0 

Value@0x2d: 0x0 

Value@0x2e: 0x0 

Value@0x2f: 0x0 

Value@0x30: 0x11 

Value@0x31: 0x98 

Value@0x32: 0x98 

Value@0x33: 0x4 

Value@0x34: 0x0 

Value@0x35: 0x0 

Value@0x36: 0x0 

Value@0x37: 0x0 

Value@0x38: 0x0 

Value@0x39: 0x0 

Value@0x3a: 0x30 

Value@0x3b: 0x0 

Value@0x3c: 0x0 

Value@0x3d: 0x0 

Value@0x3e: 0x0 

Value@0x3f: 0x0 

Value@0x40: 0x0 

Value@0x41: 0x80 

Value@0x42: 0x0 

Value@0x43: 0x0 

Value@0x44: 0x0 

Value@0x45: 0x0 

Value@0x46: 0x0 

Value@0x47: 0x0 

Value@0x48: 0x0 

Value@0x49: 0x0 

Value@0x4a: 0x0 

Value@0x4b: 0x0 

Value@0x4c: 0x0 

Value@0x4d: 0x0 

Value@0x4e: 0x0 

Value@0x4f: 0x0 

Value@0x50: 0x11 

Value@0x51: 0x98 

Value@0x52: 0x98 

Value@0x53: 0x4 

Value@0x54: 0x0 

Value@0x55: 0x0 

Value@0x56: 0x0 

Value@0x57: 0x0 

Value@0x58: 0x0 

Value@0x59: 0x0 

Value@0x5a: 0x30 

Value@0x5b: 0x0 

Value@0x5c: 0x0 

Value@0x5d: 0x0 

Value@0x5e: 0x0 

Value@0x5f: 0x0 

Value@0x60: 0x0 

Value@0x61: 0x80 

Value@0x62: 0x0 

Value@0x63: 0x0 

Value@0x64: 0x0 

Value@0x65: 0x0 

Value@0x66: 0x0 

Value@0x67: 0x0 

Value@0x68: 0x0 

Value@0x69: 0x0 

Value@0x6a: 0x0 

Value@0x6b: 0x0 

Value@0x6c: 0x0 

Value@0x6d: 0x0 

Value@0x6e: 0x0 

Value@0x6f: 0x0 

Value@0x70: 0x11 

Value@0x71: 0x98 

Value@0x72: 0x98 

Value@0x73: 0x0 

Value@0x74: 0x0 

Value@0x75: 0x0 

Value@0x76: 0x0 

Value@0x77: 0x0 

Value@0x78: 0x0 

Value@0x79: 0x0 

Value@0x7a: 0x30 

Value@0x7b: 0x0 

Value@0x7c: 0x0 

Value@0x7d: 0x0 

Value@0x7e: 0x0 

Value@0x7f: 0x0 

Value@0x80: 0x0 

Value@0x81: 0x80 

Value@0x82: 0x0 

Value@0x83: 0x0 

Value@0x84: 0x0 

Value@0x85: 0x0 

Value@0x86: 0x0 

Value@0x87: 0x0 

Value@0x88: 0x0 

Value@0x89: 0x0 

Value@0x8a: 0x0 

Value@0x8b: 0x0 

Value@0x8c: 0x0 

Value@0x8d: 0x0 

Value@0x8e: 0x0 

Value@0x8f: 0x0 

Value@0x90: 0x0 

Value@0x91: 0x0 

Value@0x92: 0x0 

Value@0x93: 0x0 

Value@0x94: 0x0 

Value@0x95: 0xf0 

Value@0x96: 0x22 

Value@0x97: 0x0 

Value@0x98: 0x0 

Value@0x99: 0x0 

Value@0x9a: 0xff 

Value@0x9b: 0x0 

Value@0x9c: 0x0 

Value@0x9d: 0x5 

Value@0x9e: 0x5 

Value@0x9f: 0x5 

Value@0xa0: 0x5 

Value@0xa1: 0xff 

Value@0xa2: 0xff 

Value@0xa3: 0xff 

Value@0xa4: 0xff 

Value@0xa5: 0x0 

Value@0xa6: 0x0 

Value@0xa7: 0x0 

Value@0xa8: 0x0 

Value@0xa9: 0xff 

Value@0xaa: 0xff 

Value@0xab: 0xff 

Value@0xac: 0xff 

Value@0xad: 0x0 

Value@0xae: 0x0 

Value@0xaf: 0x0 

Value@0xb0: 0x0 

Value@0xb1: 0x0 

Value@0xb2: 0x0 

Value@0xb3: 0x0 

Value@0xb4: 0x50 

Value@0xb5: 0x51 

Value@0xb6: 0x50 

Value@0xb7: 0x51 

Value@0xb8: 0x50 

Value@0xb9: 0x51 

Value@0xba: 0x50 

Value@0xbb: 0x51 

Value@0xbc: 0x0 

Value@0xbd: 0x0 

Value@0xbe: 0x0 

Value@0xbf: 0x0 

Value@0xc0: 0x0 

Value@0xc1: 0x0 

Value@0xc2: 0x0 

Value@0xc3: 0x0 

Value@0xc4: 0x0 

Value@0xc5: 0x0 

Value@0xc6: 0x0 

Value@0xc7: 0x0 

Value@0xc8: 0x0 

Value@0xc9: 0x0 

Value@0xca: 0x0 

Value@0xcb: 0x0 

Value@0xcc: 0x0 

Value@0xcd: 0x0 

Value@0xce: 0x0 

Value@0xcf: 0x0 

Value@0xd0: 0x0 

Value@0xd1: 0x0 

Value@0xd2: 0x0 

Value@0xd3: 0x0 

Value@0xd4: 0x0 

Value@0xd5: 0x0 

Value@0xd6: 0x0 

Value@0xd7: 0x0 

Value@0xd8: 0x0 

Value@0xd9: 0x0 

Value@0xda: 0x0 

Value@0xdb: 0x0 

Value@0xdc: 0x0 

Value@0xdd: 0x0 

Value@0xde: 0x0 

Value@0xdf: 0x0 

Value@0xe0: 0x0 

Value@0xe1: 0x0 

Value@0xe2: 0x0 

Value@0xe3: 0x0 

Value@0xe4: 0x0 

Value@0xe5: 0x0 

Value@0xe6: 0x0 

Value@0xe7: 0x0 

Value@0xe8: 0x0 

Value@0xe9: 0x0 

Value@0xea: 0x0 

Value@0xeb: 0x0 

Value@0xec: 0x0 

Value@0xed: 0x0 

Value@0xee: 0x0 

Value@0xef: 0x0 

Value@0xf0: 0x10 

Value@0xf1: 0xa0 

Value@0xf2: 0x0 

Value@0xf3: 0x0 

Value@0xf4: 0x0 

Value@0xf5: 0x0 

Value@0xf6: 0x0 

Value@0xf7: 0x0 

Value@0xf8: 0x0 

Value@0xf9: 0x0 

Value@0xfa: 0x0 

Value@0xfb: 0x0 

Value@0xfc: 0x0 

Value@0xfd: 0x0 

Value@0xfe: 0x0