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SN65HVD01: IBIS Model of this part has accuracy problems, please help to update.

Part Number: SN65HVD01


When we test the IBIS model, we find accuracy problem in it, anyone could update it?




The attachment is as below:


  • Hi Allen,

    We will need to check in with our modeling team on this. Just to confirm, is your concern with the discontinuities that appear in the pull-up/pull-down curves?

  • In reply to Max Robertson:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for your help. Yes, My concern is as you have said.


  • In reply to Allen Tang2:


    Thanks for your confirmation. I have discussed this with the modeling team, and our understanding is that the discontinuities that appear in the pull-up/pull-down curves are an artifact of the modeling process - i.e., the underlying device models used to generate the IBIS file did not give accurate results at these particular conditions. We do not feel that this will be significantly detrimental to simulation accuracy, though. The driver characteristics in this case are captured well via the V/T waveforms, and these match up reasonably well with the I/V waveforms as well.

    If you encounter any other issues related to the model or simulation, though, please let us know.