AM26LV32E: thermal information

Part Number: AM26LV32E

Our customer request us to disclose below information for AM26LV32EIPWR.

*absolute maximum rating for Power dissipation at Ta=85degreeC

*thermal resistance Psi JT

*thermal resistance Theta CA

Could we have these information ?

(Theta JA and Theta JC, we can find in the datasheet)

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  • Hiroshi,

    There is the thermal data for AM26LV32EIPWR.
    Result- Theta JA-High K (standard datasheet value) 100.8
    Result-Theta JC, top (standard datasheet value) 36.1
    Result-Theta JB (standard datasheet value) 45.7
    Result- Psi JT (standard datasheet value) 2.6
    Result- Psi JB (standard datasheet value) 45.1

    At Ta 85c, the maximum power dissipation is about 400mW.