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SN65HVD82: Sample code available ?

Part Number: SN65HVD82

Customer asks for sample code for SN65HVD82.

I found http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-00214?keyMatch=TIDA-00214&tisearch=Search-EN-Everything (RS-485 Bostterpack), based on SN65HVD24 .

Is this applicable for HVD82 or do we have something else ?

Thanks for support!


  • Hi DJ-NG,

    Both HVD24 and HVD82 are pin-for-pin compatible RS-485 transceivers, so any code that applies to HVD24 could be used for HVD82 as well. We don't have a lot of sample code available, so the example firmware in the reference design that you mentioned is probably the best resource to use.