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SN65HVD251: signal integrity on TX and RX

Part Number: SN65HVD251


I am using the SN65HVD251 CAN-transceiver in a critical application. I have to operate some tests to validate my architecture. My architecture, after a time out, can redirect TXD and RXD on a second independent CAN-bus : if one bus is off the second is used.

One of my tests consist to pull up CAN-H and/or CAN-L to Vcc then track the TXD and RXD signals, this test fail by affecting TXD and RXD (pulling down CAN-H and/or CAN-L to Vcc succeed)

So, I am not able to redirect a correct data (TXD and RXD) to the second CAN-bus. I am scratching my head to understand how pulling up CAN-H and/or CAN-L to Vcc can affect TXD and RXD signals? Is there a way to fix this?