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AM26LV31E: AM26LV31E Differential Line Driver doubt

Part Number: AM26LV31E


    We are used AM26LV31E Differential Line Driver for one of our project.I have following doubts

1) I gave 3.3V DC signal at the input side what should be my expected output level 0V to 3.3V or 1.65V to -1.65V

2) Otherwise its recommended to give oscillation signal as input

please can u clarify my doubt..  


  • Hello Renga samy,

    It is not required to provide an oscillating input. The device is used to convert single-ended logic level signals to differential bus signals, and any data pattern can be provided as an input. For the output voltage levels, please refer to the output voltage specifications in the Electrical Characteristics table of the datasheet. The VOH and VOL specifications define the voltages at each output line individually, while the VOD specifications define the difference between the two lines comprising a balanced differential output pair.