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SN75ALS181: More competitive cost and performance than SN75ALS181NSR

Part Number: SN75ALS181

Hi team

Could you let me know the recommend device which is more competitive cost and performance than SN75ALS181NSR?
Because this is very old device.

Best Regards,
Takanori Yuzawa

  • Takanori,

    I would suggest that you look at the THVD15XX family of devices. Depending on your speed requirements, you should find a good match for your application.
    THVD1552: Full duplex, <50Mbps
    THVD1512: Full duplex, <500Kbps
    THVD1500: Half Duplex, <300Kbps

    Please let me know if you need any more information on performance improvements. These devices also have integrated IEC ESD protection and integrated Electrical Fast Transient protection.

    Best Regards,
    Max Megee