AFE1230: Alternative device or circuit configuration

Part Number: AFE1230

Hello support team,

Our customer is studying communication using G.SHDSL.
The customer wants to use AFE 1230, but its status is NRND.
I want to know what is the substitute device for AFE 1230?

If there is no substitute device, I think that it must be configured from individual devices.
Could you teach me that optimal devices to compose it?
For example,
16 bit AD converter?
16 bit DA converter?
Amplifier for rx input?
Differential amplifier for the Tx drive?

Best regards,
M. Tachibana

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  • Tachibana-san,

    This question has been sent to a couple of different groups. At this point, I do not have any recommendations for you. The AFE1230 is a design that was done for a specific application over 15 years ago. The front end portion of the design is based on the receiver of the AMC1203/AMC1205, while the transmit portion is of custom design.

    It is likely that you could put together a similar system from discrete ADC and DAC components, but much of the design requires detailed information about the analog and digital filtering associated with G.SHDSL and I'm not an expert on this application. I don't think we can be of much assistance in building a similar system.

    Joseph Wu