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Linux/OMAP5432-EVM: CSI-2[MIPI] Camera Support on OMAP5432-EVM Board

Part Number: OMAP5432-EVM

Tool/software: Linux

Dear Sir/madam;

We had purchase the "omap5-uevm" board to test the ov5640 5MP camera sensor on CSI-2 [MIPI] interface.

We follow the "http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/OMAP5_GLSDK_Software_Developers_Guide" Document to test the CSI-2[MIPI] interface on OMAP5432-uevm board.

As per above link we need "ti-processor-sdk-linux-automotive-omap5-uevm-" SDK but we are unable to find the SDK also we are not finding any document which guide us how to test the camera sensor on csi-2[MIPI] interface for OMAP5432-uevm board.

We had try to post above issue on "TI-Forum" but omap5 forum was read-only so we can't do this.

So Please provide us the support for above as soon as possible.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel