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NS16C2552: Can it be used without software change?

Part Number: NS16C2552


Currently using XR16L2552,44PLCC (EXAR), I am planning to change to NS16C2552,44PLCC (TI).

Let me ask a question about device change.
Software is currently designed for XR16L2552,44PLCC (EXAR),
 but is it possible to use it for NS16C2552,44PLCC (TI) without changing its software?

As far as register map is concerned, I believe that software can be used continuously without change.
Other timing etc. Are there different parts?

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  • Hi Cafain,

    This device is a direct drop-in replacement and should not require software modifications to be made. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • In reply to Max Robertson:

    Hi, Max-san

    I appreciate your early reply.
    I will access it again when there is a problem.

    Thank you!