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Asking for the RS232 traceiver solution

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Hi Team,
Do we have solution for RS232 traceiver?
here is the block diagram. 1.8V t0 10V.


  • Hi SHH,

    Take a look at TRS3122E. It is a 2 TX / 2 RX RS-232 transceiver that supports logic levels of 1.8 V. In fact, it allows for a unique "voltage tripler" mode of operation that even allows VCC to extend down to 1.8 V in case a higher-voltage rail is not available. The RS-232 output voltage is typically around +/- 5 V (or a little higher or lower depending on VCC voltage) with 3-kOhm loading, but this is common for RS-232 parts. (RS-232 receivers are sensitive enough that larger voltage swings are often not needed.)

    Please let us know your feedback on this part and any other questions you might have.

    Best regards,