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MAX3232E-Q1: Is MAX3232E-Q1 operable at Ta =95℃?

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Part Number: MAX3232E-Q1

Hi Team,

I have two qestions as the following.

The datasheet shows "Operating virtual junction temperature" is 150℃(MAX).
What does "Operating virtual" mean?

Is MAX3232E-Q1 operable at Ta =95℃?
I heard it is possible case that Ta(ambient temperature) increases up to 95℃ for my customer's automotive application.

I understood max and min of ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS show under –40 to 85℃ condition, however I would like to confirm above.
Your support would be appreciated.

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Yaita / Japan disty

  • Yaita-san,


    You can find the definition of 'virtual junction temperature' here. https://www.jedec.org/standards-documents/dictionary/terms/virtual-junction-temperature-internal-equivalent-temperature-tj. Although this value might not be precisely equal to the real junction temperature, it can be used to estimate that and people usually consider they're same. 

    From the data sheet, package thermal impedance is 108 °C/W. If ambient temperature is 95°C, the max power the part can consume that would not make junction temperature go beyond 150°C is about 500mW (100mA with 5V supply) . In other words, if the chip doesn't burn so much power, it can work at 95°C. But in that case, the parameters in the datasheet cannot be guaranteed, since the device was only characterized up to 85°C. Hope it make sense you. Please let me know if you have any questions.