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MAX3243: Voltage rating of C1-C4

Part Number: MAX3243


Our customer would like to use this device and they are going to chose the external components. 

There are mentioned these capacitor(C1~C4) value on the datasheet.  How much the voltage ratings of the capacitors should we choose?   

On the TPS3122-EVM, these capacitor are selected 25V one. Is it possible to choose the capacitor of 10V or 18V ratings?

Because the maximum voltage rating V+ and V- is +/-7V. Is my understanding correct?


Koji Hamamoto

  • Koji-san,

    V+ and V- voltage level are a little tricky here. If the part works well, the voltage won't exceed abs max. But in some unexpected case, like C3 is not connected, V+ can go as high as 2 times Vcc. TRS3122 design has a triple charge pump, which could generate 5.5*3=16.5V at V+ theoretically. In that sense, it's common to use 16V rating capacitor for C1~C4 in application of MAX3243.

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